Billet production

We at KSAPL cast square mild steel billets of cross sections 100mm, 110mm and 130mm through a continuous caster. The billets are manufactured by induction furnace route and the chemical properties are strictly maintained as per below:

Designation Ladle Analysis, Percent
C Mn S P
i) C8 0.15, Max 0.30-0.60 0.055, Max 0.055, Max
ii) C15 0.12-0.18 0.30-0.60 0.055, Max 0.055, Max
iii) C22 0.25, Max 1.25, Max 0.060, Max 0.075, Max
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Billets are manufactured as per IS standards (2831-2012) and are used for manufacture of TMT Re Bars.

Mixture of Sponge Iron, DRI are fed into induction furnaces of capacities 25 and 30 MT in steel melting shop to produce supreme quality mild steel.

After going through rigorous treatment and chemical analysis, the molten steel is cast into square billets of the desired cross section in high speed CONCAST (now Primetals) CCM (Continuous Casting Machine). The cast steel is cooled with the help of regulated water and air pressure to form billets of accurate cross section.

As the billets pass towards the cooling bed, they are accurately cut into the required lengths by high accuracy shearing machines. Finally, the hot billets are laid on the insulated roller transfer tables to be transported to the rolling mill.

Billet production flow chart


Quality Control Measures Adopted:

  • Modern chemical analysis equipment
  • German made Spectrometer for quick and accurate analysis
  • Automatic mould level control in caster
  • Billet macro analysis for internal structure control