TMT BAR production

We offer TMT bars of the following cross sections:
8mm 25mm
10mm 32mm
12mm 36mm
16mm 40mm

In the new established facility of the company, which is highly technically sophisticated and best in class, the square cross section billets go through precise and uniform size reduction in linear movement of material, unlike traditional cross-country mills. This helps impart high quality, bendability and surface finish to our finished products.

With a mix of highly advanced rolling mill designs and machinery from Germany, the quality quenching system from Pomini (Italy) and the world renowned SIEMENS automation, the new facility of Kalika Group is one of its kind in India.

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The Pomini Quenching system makes the Kalika TMT Bars strong and flexible and capable of sustaining massive pressure during earthquakes. The world class quenching system is capable of producing bars of export quality as well.

After obtaining the standard length, bars are cut and carried to the finished goods yard, where these finished TMT Bars are labelled as per grade, size and length and stored accordingly.


With the highly advanced automation of SIEMENS, the quality of every bar is regulated while the reduction itself. The production process includes use of fast, responsive PLCs, high accuracy HMD’s and sensors to ensure that every bar produced is at par the desired characteristics with a uniform cross section and ribs.

The quality control department keeps a close watch on the finished goods by conducting various quality tests at fixed intervals.

Quality control tests:

  • Universal Testing Machine (UTM)
  • Chemical Etching Test
  • Bar profile measurement system