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About Kalika
Kalika Steel, Jalna Pvt. Ltd. is where the billets are converted into the TMT Bars or QST Bars of high quality. The billets come in 100 mm to 110 mm square thickness and in required variable lengths. The billets at Kalika, to have passed the ultimate chemical test of the spectrometer, are the best producible raw material for TMT Bar or QST Bar production. Here is the steel bar production process where billets are converted into TMT Bars or QST Bars.
Mission Statement
Kalika Steel, Jalna Pvt. Ltd. is committed to achieving success through integrity, transparency, implementation of best practices and usage of advanced technology to produce supreme quality steel. We aim at providing our employees a fostering environment and carrying out environment friendly production processes to pay our dues towards the society.

TMT (QST) Bars
TMT stands for Thermo-Mechanical-Treatment. The essential step during the manufacture of TMT bars is the usage   .. know more
Billet Production
Billets are the best raw material to produce steel bars, as compared to ingots. Kalika Steels produces its own Billets at its   .. know more
Promise of Strength
Kalika TMT Bars demonstrate high strength not only in tests but also in the various projects they are used in. With   .. know more
500D Grade TMT Bar
Kalika Steel Jalna Pvt Ltd has launched the much awaited, advanced 500-D grade, high ductility QST bars.

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