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Manufacturing the finest with advanced automation


Manufacturing the finest quality TMT and Dowel bars.

We Offer TMT Bars of the Following Cross Sections:

8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 36mm, 40mm

We Offer Dowel Bars of the Following Cross Sections:

32mm, 36mm,

Our TMT bars have superior strength and high bendability, minimising overall cost and allowing more flexibility in usage. Each bar is completed with an excellent surface finish providing added protection against oxidation, corrosion, rusting, and staining.


Ensuring consistent quality of steel with thorough quality checks.

The advanced SIEMENS automation ensures that the quality of every bar is regulated
during the reduction itself. Fast, responsive PLCs, high accuracy HMDs, and sensors
ensure every bar has the desired properties and uniform cross-section and ribs. Apart
from that, our quality control team does rigorous testing on various levels. Our tests:


Chemical Composition

  • To conform to IS 2831:2012, a thorough chemical analysis of every cast or lot of billets is carried out in our chemical and spectro lab. The billets thus tested are then moved for rolling.

Quality Control Measures Adopted

  • Modern Chemical Analysis Equipment.
  • German made Spectrometer for Quick and Accurate Analysis.
  • Automatic Mould Level Control in Caster.
  • Billet Micro Analysis for Internal Structure Control.


  • All the documents are maintained as per BIS and ISO norms.
  • After all these material test, it is followed by Tagging, Packing and Forwarding.

Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of bars are tested through — Section Weight: ‘Weight per Meter’ of the bars as per IS: 1786:2008 is checked by taking out sample after every thirty minutes. Standards weight is always maintained within BIS tolerance.

Load Test : Yield Load, Ultimate Tensile Load and Elongation are tested using UTM of 100 Ton capacity.
Bend Test : As per sizes specified in IS code, the bend test is carried out by bending the bars on mandrel.
Re-bend Test: Bars are bent at an angel of 1350C, kept in boiling water at I OOOC for 30 minutes and then bent back at an of 1 57.50 C

After all these tests, lot-wise tagging, packing, storage, and dispatch of the material start. 


Our TMT Bars offer high-strength and flexibility. These properties make them suitable for wide usage.

High-Rise Apartments
Other Civil Engineering Structures



The highlight features of our TMT bars are as follows:

  • The square cross-section billets go through precise and uniform size reduction in the linear movement of material. It leads to better quality, higher bendability, and more protective surface finishes.  

  • The Pomini Quenching system makes our TMT bars stronger and more flexible and capable of sustaining massive pressure during earthquakes.

  • Higher-strength means lesser steel is required for construction, decreasing the cost.

  • Our uniform bars are easy to handle and transport.

  • Our TMT bars’ superior quality provides better welding ability, ductility, elongation, and high formability.

  • The stronger surface finish facilitates more resistance against corrosion, oxidation, rusting, and staining.


Following the best practices to make superior steel.


Kalika Steel is trusted by the best in business.

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Kalika Steel is the most preferred TMT bar
manufacturer in Maharashtra.


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Kalika Steel is the most preferred TMT bar manufacturer in Maharashtra.