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Rust to Resilience: Exploring the Sustainable Transformation of the Steel Industry


Rust to Resilience: Exploring the Sustainable Transformation of the Steel Industry The steel industry has long been associated with traditional manufacturing processes, high energy consumption, and environmental concerns. However, in recent years, the steel industry has undergone a remarkable transformation towards sustainability, incorporating innovative technologies and practices to minimize its environmental impact. This blog aims […]

Why still is preferred the aviation industry?


Why steel is preferred in the aviation industry? Adequate public infrastructure is essential for a better quality of life, including making travel more accessible by road, rail, air, or water, as it all influences how we live and work. Steel is essential but often overlooked in all industries. Material selection is critical to the durability […]

Technological Advancement in Still industry


Technological Advancement in Steel Industry Every industry is going through a rigorous transformation which makes their functionality efficient, effective and productive. The steel industry is no exception as there have been numerous changes, upgradation and modernisation in the steel industry as well. The main cause of such change is technological advancement. Steel has been in […]

Industry 4.0 Still Industry


Industry 4.0 In Steel Industry The transitioning era with advanced technological evolution is covering almost every industry out there which can be revolutionised. The steel industry is no exception to escaping from the casting shadow of the Industry 4.0 era galore. The economic activities involving the new generation of products and processes in the steel […]

Evalution of still-making industry throughout the history


Evolution of Steel-making industry throughout the history Steelmaking has been a learning path for the longest time. On the lookout for creating something stronger than Bronze, steel came into the picture when a small amount of carbon is alloyed with iron. Steel contains almost 99 percent or more amount of iron. Understanding the production of […]



Global Interpretation of Steel Structuring Steel is a significant material utilised in imperative structures all over the world. If we track down the linchpins of architecture, it’ll be evident that steel has been accommodated in some or the other format. Even though the style and characteristics of architecture differed from demographics, steel’s influence remained strong […]



A Synopsis of Steel Production Steel making is a pertinent process in creating products, structures and a framework of any architecture. While we see these colossal structures with awe, at times we forget the real skeleton hidden beneath them which are pre-dominantly steel structures and thus we intend to acknowledge the production process of the […]

Indian Scenario of Iron & Steel Industry 


Indian Scenario of Iron & Steel Industry ​ With the consistent transformation of the facade of India, it is crucial to understand the general idea of the Indian scenario of the iron and steel industry. Ever-increasing and evolving infrastructure bring colossal changes to the economic side of nation-building which exponentially requires a strong presence of […]

Sustainable Metal Mining for Better Future


Sustainable Metal Mining for Better Future Mining certainly remains vital for the supply of metals and needs a transition to more sustainable, low-carbon energy and infrastructure. Better supervision of metal resources and more responsible mining operations can help to minimise the destructive impacts on the environment. Also, keeping communities clean and improving the overall sustainability […]

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Kalika Steel is the most preferred TMT bar manufacturer in Maharashtra.